Tricks to Outsmart Writing

Writer’s block can hit us all in the most awkward moments, but today I want to offer seven tips for authors prone to procrastination. Some of us are like the tortoise and the hare—rushing to the WIP finish line just to get distracted by the comforts or distractions of life, like the legendary rabbit’s nap. […]

Confusion between To Comma or Not to Comma

Commas cause confusion. I think we all agree. It doesn’t matter if we write novels, essays, articles, blogs or posts. Even English teachers sometimes have problems. And while the comma might be a small piece of punctuation, there’s a pretty big punch. The misuse of commas can bring more than just your grammar chaos. It […]

Tips for Get Out from Behind the Keyboard

Really have. Yakkety Yak. You have time. In fact, you need time to make a metaphorical tour. So sneak out the back door, quit your job (by hammering that keyboard) and talk about things other than writing that you can do to advance your career. Come on. . .come with me. I’m the thug on […]