Demonstrated Writing by A Song of Ice and Fire

Fantasy authors—like J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, or Robert Jordan—craft complex stories that intertwine numerous characters and plotlines. The stories are also set within fictional worlds with fictional geography and fictional histories. All of their novels include appendices as resources, equipped with glossaries, family trees, and/or maps of imaginary worlds. Readers expect this type of […]

The Anatomy of Chapter One

Audrey Wick: There’s something magical about a book’s first sentence. As writers, we get to control that magic by creating a line we hope is memorable and catchy to hook readers enough to keep reading. We also hope that our opening chapter fits that bill. We aim for a smooth and exciting chapter, one that […]

Goals for Making Anthology the Best It Can Be

I recently had the honor of coediting the anthology We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor with Cheryl Dumesnil, Domenica Ruta, and Katherine Shonk. As editors of an anthology aimed at giving voice to a diverse community of solo moms, we plunged into our labor of love with passion and determination. […]

Tips for Writing Multiple Points of View

When a story calls for more than one narrator, it’s exciting (at first). In a way, starting a new book is like diving into a new relationship—a potentially abusive relationship with a high-maintenance narcissist who demands you spend every moment passion about them. I’ve now been in two multiple points of view relationships, one with […]