Guide for Overcoming Writing Fears

At some point in school, I bet you were given a writing prompt. Maybe in 4th grade you were told to write a paragraph on your favorite animal. Or after in middle school, you were asked to write a haiku about a dream. Or perhaps your high school English teacher assigned a 500-word essay describing […]

Research Is a Monster Vintage VD

If you get a kick out of playing detective, like to probe the not-known, are imaginative and persevering, then your chances of successfully researching offbeat subjects are excellent. And it is the offbeat that sells. For if a subject has been published in depth, and written about at some length, it is hardly likely an […]

Timely Craft Tips from the Immortal Bard

There’s nothing like a challenge to get the creative juices flowing. So when a friend proposed that I devote an hour a day for a month to something that would improve my writing, I was in. My plan was hatched in a flash: Spend an hour daily revisiting and analyzing William Shakespeare’s plays. When the […]

Beware of the Great Oz Effect

Writers are great source of Inspiration for each of your Stories. You know everything. You see everything in Your Head Video of every Scene. Sometimes it is not noticed that the Reader is not also knows everything and sees everything. Or you think that You have shared enough, so that the Reader understands. But too […]