Guidance for Writing Spies

I am writing with a Partner of 47 years, is a Veteran of the field operations of the Intelligence services is. My Friends know that you will tell them and their Smart TVs to unplug it, if I’m in a Space am. Sometimes I even beg to turn their phone off and next to my microwave oven before a continuous Conversation.

It’s not because I have the Classified information talking. Not because I’m particularly interesting. I don’t follow. Because I know who seems interesting to me, in you, the daily, the Information of my Day to use it.

Today we are going only with Espionage of the Companies and Governments in question. Information to Hackers and their delinquent Activities, see my previous WITS article “Hacking: It’s no longer just a bit of Thriller.”

With each of our Devices, so we can be spied on?

In short, all of them. If a Microphone and / or a Camera and an Internet Connection, it can, and it will probably be used by someone, to hear everything we say, and observing everything we have in the Lobby to do.

Schreibtipp: For our Characters, the hidden side or hidden, it means that you either Plastic Surgery and dummy Identities in order to hide, or you have to be very isolated to really get off the net. It is not enough that you do not have electronics to drive or use Credit cards. Cameras and Microphones are in our daily Life is ubiquitous, and you all watch and listen. Facial recognition software, our Characters probably not very long in Society hide.

Smart TVs, Alexa, Siri and all other voice-recognition electronic Devices have been developed specifically for Commands to listen and react.

Ask Yourself these Devices as a Team of Marketers and Regierungsspionen enemies with us in our Living Rooms to sit and never sleep or walk away except to unplug the Power Cord and / or throw them in the Trash can on the side of the Road.

The devices are often supplied Manufacturer specifications, which say that they are only “voice data” collect Commands to detect and react. Thus, the Device can determine whether we can issue a Command, all recognizable Sounds collected and transfer to an unnamed Third Party.

Companies, Electronics, sell, give no Information about this Third Party. These anonymous Third Parties owns and waits for computer Hardware, running Programs, which is all collecting and sorting what is said, to determine if someone the Device gives an order.

This Third Party, a Company could be, it could be Russia, it could the People’s Republic of China (“China”), or it could Skeevy Uncle Fred, with the Waiters in his bathroom-be.
These Devices are, in general, a Language, which states that the Company you collect voice data is not sold to Third Parties. Note that the voice data”, on the Device you can receive only legitimate Commands. What does the Company do with all the others, the Collected Data not falling under the Definition of voice data??

More importantly, even if in some Alternative Universes Trusted Companies, what do Third Parties do with our Data?
You can and our Data likely to Marketingfirmen, foreign and domestic, Governments, Individuals, Organized Crime or any mentioned Companies for sale. Companies, Multinationals, Governments and Abroad, and People who make our Data to buy, you can then do with it what they want.

Somewhere is necessarily the People’s Republic of China. Communist Of China. Westtaiwan. Xi Jinping Hundreds of Hectares of Forest.

Virtually any electronic device today is established, in the People’s Republic of China mounted. In the Computer industry is simply assumed that Companies and Governments, during their Production of Electronic Components in Contact, try to be called “Backdoors” to design.”Backdoors, allow these Companies and Governments, Peripherals, to access, without the Energy of Hoeing”.

In other words, the People’s Republic of China has installed Backdoors or, at least, in all of your electronic Device assembly to install. The People’s Republic of China made specially for the West as part of your described below Program to Collect thousands of grains of sand to spy.

Electronics, Western Governments and most People under the age of twenty-five, know this, but hey, good Stuff and Convenience, or?


Telephones are especially convenient for Governments and Companies, to collect Information.

You can use your Phones to People to locate and track calls and for the Phone to collect and People, by the Telefonkameras to observe. The software can by Applications or public, WI-fi locations in Phones are incorporated. Phones send Signals to other Electronic Equipment around us talking.

For example, Phone calls are regularly from Things like the IMSI Catchern or intercepted “Stingrays”, with which the Police kapert phone connections to spy on People. The stingrays imitate wireless, telephony relay antennas and “force” all cell Phones and Mobile devices, to connect to them.

Their use is widespread throughout America. It is a simple Bet that that of internal security, Art has developed. The lawfulity of such unjustified Police Practices, in Court, still discussed.

The People’s Republic of China, Russia (and any other nation, the surveillance infrastructure can collect all phone calls in and around Washington, DC, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and other major Western cities.

These Nations don’t care about lawfulity. However, we do not know how effective, all this Data is actually sorting.

And Computer?
You have Microphones. You have Cameras of. You connect to the Internet. They were made in China or at least there, assembled. All these Conditions of Use for Companies for Tracking Your Movements the same. I’m sure you can count.

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