WITS Event Double The Love and New Website

From the very beginning, here at Writers in the Storm, it was about spreading Love. And, We open to our Readers the Doors for shameless Eigenwerbemöglichkeiten. Our only Requirement for those glorious Days earlier “Pimp & Promote” is that Love to double the Work of another, next to their own promote.

Like “are you doubling Love?”

For many, in the states the School is back in operation. In this Sense, let’s get our Pom Poms out and encourage us and the other Writers! Below, in the Comments section, we ask You to:

  • Crush Love on someone else’s Work, a favorite author, Blogger, Contribution or a Book You’ve read, a wonderful Teacher, or just someone to You as a Writer or a deeply affected Person. Please limit Your Comments to the Book.
  • Apply yourself from one of Your Projects, about fun, a hobby, a Blog, a Book or a new Direction in which You write. It’s up to you. Tell us in the Comments! (Please limit Your Enthusiasm to only one of Your WIPs.)
    The rest of us, these Pompoms shake and You in the comment section to encourage them.

We Liebesfest with some of the INTELLIGENCE Teams to guide!

Ellen Buikema


If You are looking for a Kapitelbuchreihe for young Readers to search, take a look on The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon. I have these Stories written for Empathy, to promote and discover the Lives of Children to win.

This multicultural Stories deal with Situations where Children normally experience, such as getting lost, moving, a new School of reasons to make Friends, family Holidays, to do, to work in a Team and with Mobbern with positive Methods face. Each Chapter ends with one or more Activities, Children and Parents or Teachers together about the Actions in the Stories report. These Books are full of Humor, Stories for Children and improve (and Parents more Fun to do, to your Children to read).

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